Weaving Learning & Meaning : Supervision for a VUCA World

Weaving Learning & Meaning : Supervision for a VUCA World

with Simon Cavicchia and Jason Harrison

Develop the individual and professional capacities to support clients in navigating an increasingly volatile world.

Our world is becoming characterised by ever increasing volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity and development professionals are being called upon to support clients in adapting and responding to this fluid environment.

"The greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation." — Lao Tzu

This supervisory work group provides an opportunity for 8 - 12 consultants, coaches and counsellors to work with group leaders and peers to:

  • explore their personal and professional 'growing edges',
  • receive supervision on their current work and life situations,
  • explore what they bring that hinders and enhances their work,
  • engage in practices to support the integration of their shadow,
  • understand and deepen their personal group presence,
  • develop personal interventions that support their clients.

The primary context for this work group is to offer personal and professional development and supervision through deepening personal and collective practices of self-observation, awareness and inquiry.

Facilitation and conceptual input will draw from process psychologies such as gestalt, systemic and integral theories, and relational, transformational and transpersonal perspectives on developmental work.

Group Format

The group will meet every two months for a year, with content circulated to catalyse ongoing inquiry and learning. Participants will have access to workgroup leaders between sessions and a secure online forum will provide space for participants to engage through the year.

The group process will include a blend of direct work on personal situations and opportunities to explore core conceptual frames that support deconstruction and integration. Conceptual input will be balanced with time for the dynamics and process of the group to surface and direct the focus of ongoing learning and inquiry.

Each meeting will include:

  • awareness practices designed to deepen the experiencing of the present moment,
  • time to orientate and surface developmental themes,
  • time to experience and explore group process and dialogue,
  • exploring conceptual inputs offered during the interim,
  • engaging in supervisory perspectives on specific situations,
  • experiential exercises and discussions relevant to the expressed needs and growing edges of participants.

Participant Profile

This work group will best suit experienced coaches, consultants or counsellors seeking to deepen their awareness of how their own habits and patterns enable and restrict their range as practitioners. It will be of particular interest to those who understand how challenging the work of self-development can be in the face of everyday living, complex client contexts and the perspectival limitations any single individual is able to access.

Participants will gain valuable insights into the nature of their 'self' and 'system' constructs through the individual and collective weaving of learning and meaning that arises in a developmental group setting. Member interactions will reveal more of the interpenetrating nature of the subtle and complex relational dynamics between clients, practitioners and the systems they are enmeshed in, and how this can be used as an important source of information about the quality of their developmental relationships.

This approach to group work invites members to bring more of who they are to the group and to further develop the qualities of attending, listening and accessing the deeper levels of the Self.

Group Structure and Costs

Membership is limited to a minimum of 8 and maximum of 12 people and places will be allocated on a first come-first served basis. 

Individuals will need to commit to the full series of workshops and agree to pay for the workshops as a series and in advance. There will be an option to continue beyond the six days if there is sufficient interest.

The cost of the 6-day series will be £2,000 plus VAT per person and CPD certificates are available for all participants.

Group Leaders

Simon Cavicchia BA (Hons) (Oxon), MA, MSc (Gestalt Psychotherapy), MSc (Change Agent Skills and Strategies), Dip. Supervision, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist.

Simon is an experienced group worker, psychotherapist, coach, consultant and coaching supervisor. He was recently Joint Programme Director of the MSc/MA in Coaching Psychology at the Metanoia Institute in London. For six years he taught the group facilitation modules on the MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies at the University of Surrey School of Management. He is a visiting faculty member on the Ashridge Masters in Organisation Consulting and Ashridge Masters in Executive coaching. He has published articles on coaching and consulting.

"Simon is a talented coach and supervisor; and is gifted in creating and building safe space to support the quality and depth of work that leads to personal and professional transformation. I really love working with Simon."

"Simon has an incredible honesty which creates a grounded safe environment in which to undertake great work."

Jason Harrison BSc (Hons), MSc (Organisation Consulting).

Jason is an experienced coach-consultant with a particular interest in transformational and transpersonal approaches to human development. He works with individuals, small and large groups to support the development of deeper states of consciousness. Jason is a member of the Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry Fellowship and a practitioner of integrally informed approaches to development. He is currently engaged in research for a book on the development of more conscious approaches to leadership.

"Jason helped me to live more in my heart than in my head - to be rather than to do - to ignore the noise and quiet the mind - and to realise I am free to do what I love and be with those I love."

"Jason has a fascinating ability to help you unlock doors which you never really thought existed which provides the platform for you to reach your full potential."

To book a place, or for further information, please contact Jason here

A collective space for 8 - 12 people to deeply inquire into the nature and impact of their Self-as-instrument, within systems and beyond systems.

Starting in late Spring 2018

Central London venue

£2,000 per participant includes:

- 6 x one day sessions
- interim video calls
- online participant forum
- core learning content

CPD Certificates available

Early bird discounts available

"To confront a person with his shadow is to show him his own light. Once one has experienced a few times what it is like to stand judgingly between the opposites, one begins to understand what is meant by the self. Anyone who perceives his shadow and his light simultaneously sees himself from two sides and thus gets in the middle." — Carl Jung